5 Feb, 2023
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Getting Started

Plesk is the control panel software that you use for reselling shared hosting services, and hosting your own domain names and web sites.

You can manage the hosted domain names and web sites on your own, or delegate permissions to manage individual domains to other users. Upon delegation, a separate Domain Administrator's control panel environment is automatically created, providing your customer with site and e-mail management capabilities in accordance with the permissions you define.

Using the Domain Administrator's control panel, a site owner can:

  • Change passwords for access to control panel and Web space through FTP,
  • Publish and preview a Web site,
  • Install, manage and remove databases and Web applications,
  • Order and install SSL certificates to secure online transactions (this is possible for Web sites hosted on a dedicated IP address, which is not shared among other Web sites),
  • Set up, manage and remove subdomains,
  • Host personal Web pages for other users,
  • Password protect areas of a Web site,
  • Customize Web server error messages,
  • Backup and restore a Web site with its databases and applications,
  • Schedule automatic backups,
  • Create, edit, remove mailboxes, and protect them against spam and viruses,
  • Allow access to individual E-mail administration panel to mailbox owners (this is convenient when running mail hosting business or creating mailboxes for other users),
  • Create, edit, remove mail forwarders and automatic replies,
  • Create, manage, remove mailing lists, subscribe and unsubscribe users.
  • You have access to all these features from your own control panel, therefore, you will not need to use neither the Domain Administrator's nor E-mail Administrator's control panels.

To learn more about using Domain Administrator's control panel, please refer to the Domain Administrator Guide.
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