5 Feb, 2023
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Backing Up And Restoring Your Data

With the current version of backup and restore utilities installed with your control panel, you can:

Back up your account with domains. The backup archive will include all control panel configurations and data related to your account and your domains (Web sites).

Back up individual domains (Web sites). The backup archive will include all data related to domain administrator's account, domain (web site) and mail services, including the contents of mailboxes, Horde Turba address book contact lists, antispam and antivirus settings.

Schedule backups. Scheduling backup can be done both for your account and your domains.

Restore your data from backup archives.

Note for hosting resellers: Your customers (domain administrators) granted with the permission to use the backup and restore facilities can back up and restore their own account settings and Web sites through the control panel. Your customers will find shortcuts to their backup repositories on their Home pages (Home > Backup).
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