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Viewing Statistics

Date Created: 4 Apr, 2008   (14 year(s) ago) Viewed: 939 Rating: 


To find out the amount of bandwidth and disk space used by a site, in the list of domain names at the bottom of your Home page, see the Disk Usage and Traffic columns.

To find out the detailed statistics regarding the amount of bandwidth used by a site, click Traffic on your Home page and select the required site by clicking its name in the Domain name column.

To find out how many people visited a site, from what countries, and what pages of the site they viewed:
  1. On your Home page, click the domain name you need.

  2. Click the Report icon.

  3. View the statistics for the web pages or files downloaded from or uploaded to specific areas of your site:
  • To view the statistics for web pages transferred from your site over hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), click Web Stats.

  • To view the statistics for web pages transferred from your site over secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS), click Web Stats SSL.

  • To view statistics for files transferred over file transfer protocol (FTP), click FTP Stats.

  • To view the bandwidth usage by months, click the Traffic History icon.

  • To view the bandwidth usage by FTP, Web and mail services in this domain, click the Traffic icon.

    Note: If you use the Webalizer statistical package on your account, you can customize the graphical reports shown by Webalizer. For instructions, refer to the Adjusting Preferences for Web Statistics Presentation by Webalizer section.

Alternately, you can view the Web statistics for a site by visiting the following URL: https://your-domain.com/plesk-stat/webstat . When prompted for username and password, specify the credentials for your FTP account.

To view a detailed report on server resources and hosting features used by a specific domain name/web site, on your Home page, click the domain name you need, and then click the Report icon. A report will open.

To view a consolidated report on all your web sites and your hosting account, on your Home page, click the Report icon. A report will open.

Common operations on reports:
  • To get more details, select the Full Report option from the Report drop-down menu.

  • To adjust the amount of information presented in a report, click theCustomize icon, and then modify an existing report template (to do this, click a report template name) or create a new report template (to do this, click the Add New Layout icon). Next, specify how much information you want in each section of the report: select None if you do not want any information, select Summary if you want a concise overview, or select Full if you need a detailed report. Select the Use as default report check box and click OK. To delete a custom report layout, select the checkbox corresponding to the report layout name and clickRemove Selected.

  • To print the report, click thePrint icon. A report will open in a separate browser window. Select the File > Print option from the browser's menu to print the report.

  • To send the report by e-mail, type the recipient's e-mail address into the input box located to the right of the Report group and click theSend by E-mail icon. If you are the recipient, then you do not need to specify an e-mail address: the system assumes by default that you are the report recipient and specifies your e-mail address registered with your control panel account.

  • To have the reports automatically generated and delivered by e-mail on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, click the Report Delivery icon and follow the instructions supplied in the "Automating report generation and delivery by e-mail" section.
*** The above information is for reference only, Please seek independent technical advice if found necessary.
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