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How to Enable Cookie

Date Created: 11 Apr, 2008   (14 year(s) ago) Viewed: 1565 Rating: 


To enable cookie, follow the instructions below for the browser version you are using.

Mozilla Firefox (1.0 final release and earlier)

  • Go to the "Tools" menu.

  • Select "Options".

  • Select the "Privacy" icon in the left panel.

  • Check the box corresponding to "Allow sites to set cookies".

  • Click "OK" to save changes.

Netscape 7.1/Mozilla 5.0

  • Select "Preferences" from the Edit menu.

  • Click on the arrow next to "Privacy & Security" in the scrolling window to expand.

  • Under "Privacy & Security", select "Cookies."

  • Select "Enable all cookies".

  • Click "OK".

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+

  • Select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu.

  • Click on the "Privacy" tab.

  • Click the "Default" button (or manually slide the bar down to "Medium") under "Settings".

  • Click "OK".

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x

  • Select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu.

  • Click on the "Security" tab.

  • Click the "Custom Level" button.

  • Scroll down to the "Cookies" section.

  • To enable:
    • Set "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer" to "Enable".

    • Set "Allow per-session cookies" to "Enable".

  • Click "OK".

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x

  • Select "Internet Options" from the View menu.

  • Click on the "Advanced" tab.

  • Scroll down to find "Cookies" within the "Security" section.

  • To enable:
    • Select "Always accept cookies".

  • Click "OK".

Netscape Communicator 4.x

  • Select "Preferences" from the Edit menu.

  • Find the "Cookies" section in the "Advanced" category.

  • To enable:
    • Select "Accept all cookies" (or "Enable all cookies").

  • Click "OK".
*** The above information is for reference only, Please seek independent technical advice if found necessary.
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