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MySQL - How do I export or backup a MySQL Database

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MySQL - How do I export or backup a MySQL Database
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MySQL - How do I export or backup a MySQL Database
You can easily create a database dump (export/backup) of a databases used by phpMyAdmin.

This tutorial will outline the steps required to export or backup your MySQL databases.
  • phpMyAdmin may not handle large databases.
  • You have NOT backed up the files and folders via phpMyAdmin, such as images.
  • Please note that the database name, username and passwords are case sensitive.
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*** The above information is for reference only, Please seek independent technical advice if found necessary.


In order to do so you should access the phpMyAdmin interface available in your account.

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You will be brought through a redirect screen stating that the phpMyAdmin tool will be loaded shortly then the new page will be automatically loaded in your browser.

Once the phpMyAdmin tool loads, you can select the database that you would like to backup from the drop-down menu called Database (located in the upper left corner of your web browser).

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A new page will be loaded in phpMyAdmin for the database selected from the drop-down menu. In order to proceed with the backup click on the [Export]

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The options that is advisable to select apart from the default ones are Save as file (which will save the file locally to your computer in a .sql format) and Add DROP TABLE (which will add the drop if table already exists statement in the database backup).

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This is all that needs to be done and you can click the [Go] button to start the export/backup of your database.

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A download window will popup prompting for the exact place where you would like to save the file on your local computer or automatically start the download depending on your local settings.

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