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PHP - How to define session.save_path

Date Created: 11 Jan, 2009   (13 year(s) ago) Viewed: 1749 Rating: 


If you can’t modify PHP.INI global configuration file, or just want to make the change affect Joomla! or Mambo application only, you must create or edit the .htaccess file in the installation directory for Joomla! or Mambo, and add the following line:

php_value session.save_path '/var/www/vhosts/domainname/httpdocs/sessions'

Change the /sessions to a folder that is writable(chmod 0757) and prefer to be a session saved folder by you which has been created first.

* Where domainname is your domain name.
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*** The above information is for reference only, Please seek independent technical advice if found necessary.
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