20 Aug, 2022
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CRE Loaded

Date Created: 23 Oct, 2009   (12 year(s) ago) Viewed: 600 Rating: 


CRE Loaded
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CRE Loaded
Create your storefront catalog and upload product images, text, and graphics to your storefront.

Manage orders and inventory with the shopping cart. Process credit card payments through PayPal or Authorize.net, set up special pricing, and determine shipping costs.

And so much more -- and all from anywhere you can access the Internet. CRE Loaded also offers hundreds of different templates to customize the look of your online store, so you can offer your customers a unique, easily identifiable, and fully branded shopping experience.

Single Click and Install Web Apps/Scripts

With over 150+ pre-installed programs for our Linux hosting customer receive value added tools and web programs available at no extra install fees, Great scripts including open source and commercial.

Simply login to your Plesk control panel, click on Install Web Application and select the web based script/program you want to install. Within minute our script will configure everything for you.

It can't get any easier than that! Most web hosting providers charge "addon" fees to install these programs for you.
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