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How to publish a web site with Dreamweaver

Date Created: 16 Dec, 2009   (12 year(s) ago) Viewed: 1530 Rating: 


How to publish a web site with Dreamweaver
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How to publish a web site with Dreamweaver
When your page is finished and ready to be publish on the Web, Dreamweaver makes it easy with custom publishing features.

Follow the tutorial below to learn just how easy it is, Be sure to save your pages first!

Firstly you will need to install Dreamweaver on your computer. If you to not have this program installed I recommend purchasing it.

FTP Server:
  • ftp.domainname.com (example)

User Name:
  • ftp_domainnamecom (example)

  • Please see your configuration email

Host Directory:
  • /httpdocs/ for normal web pages (http)
  • /httpsdocs/ for secure pages (https)

Home Page File:
  • index.html or index.htm or index.php (lower case)
  • Where domainname.com replace to your domain name.
  • If you have problems with connecting to your website, Please check and make sure that your local internet settings (Firewall, Anti-Virus, IE Internet Options Security Settings) won't block you from connecting to the server on Port: 21.
  • Unless default file on httpdocs and httpsdocs, Please DO NOT delete ANY directory or files that have been created by the system, otherwise your web site may disappear into cyber oblivion!
  • Please note that the FTP username and passwords are case sensitive.
  • If you failed to login 5 times, Your IP will be locked for security reasons, Please try next 24 hours again.
  • As a convenience to users, we provide information about how to use certain third-party products, but we do not have technical support third-party products. we are not responsible for the functions or reliability of such products.
*** The above information is for reference only, Please seek independent technical advice if found necessary.


Set Up the FTP Connection

Start Dreamweaver and open the site to be published.
Set Up the FTP Connection
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Set Up the FTP Connection

Find out your configuration email, which is where your page will be located (for example: ftp.domainname.com), your login name and any passwords you need.

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Click on the Site window. Open the Site menu and select Define Sites.

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Type your website name and URL address.

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Click "NEXT".

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Choose the files to be published from the Local pane of the window.

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1. Choose the FTP option.

2. Type the FTP server address without the ftp:// in front of it.

3. Type the FTP path of /httpdocs/

4. Type your login name and password.

5. Click "NEXT".

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Click "NEXT".

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Click "OK".

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