28 Nov, 2022
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HTML Box and Line Drawing Character

Date Created: 23 Jun, 2010   (12 year(s) ago) Viewed: 1345 Rating: 


2500─Box drawings light horizontal
2502│Box drawings light vertical
2514└Box drawings light up and right
2518┘Box drawings light up and left
2510┐Box drawings light down and left
250C┌Box drawings light down and right
251C├Box drawings light vertical and right
2534┴Box drawings light up and horizontal
2524┤Box drawings light vertical and left
252C┬Box drawings light down and horizontal
253C┼Box drawings light vertical and horizontal
255E╞Box drawings vertical single and right double
2568╨Box drawings up double and horizontal single
2561╡Box drawings vertical single and left double
2565╥Box drawings down double and horizontal single
256A╪Box drawings vertical single and horizontal double
2550═Box drawings double horizontal
2551║Box drawings double vertical
255A╚Box drawings double up and right
255D╝Box drawings double up and left
2557╗Box drawings double down and left
2554╔Box drawings double down and right
2560╠Box drawings double vertical and right
2569╩Box drawings double up and horizontal
2563╣Box drawings double vertical and left
2566╦Box drawings double down and horizontal
256C╬Box drawings double vertical and horizontal
255F╟Box drawings vertical double and right single
2567╧Box drawings up single and horizontal double
2562╢Box drawings vertical double and left single
2564╤Box drawings down single and horizontal double
256B╫Box drawings vertical double and horizontal single
2558╘Box drawings up single and right double
255C╜Box drawings up double and left single
2555╕Box drawings down single and left double
2553╓Box drawings down double and right single
2559╙Box drawings up double and right single
255B╛Box drawings up single and left double
2556╖Box drawings down double and left single
2552╒Box drawings down single and right double
*** The above information is for reference only, Please seek independent technical advice if found necessary.

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