17 Nov, 2018
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Domain Name Search

Domain Registration

Rules for Domain Name Search

  • Unless the Top Level Domain you are using requires or supports a Second Level Domain for classification (the "com" in .com.hk), you should not enter anything but a domain name and a Top Level Domain.
  • Don't put "www." in front of the domain. "www." is a host name, not a domain name. You should not use "www" anywhere unless it part of the actual domain name you are looking for.
  • Legal sdomain name lengths are between 2 characters and 57 characters.
  • Legal characters are 0-9, a-z and "-". Underscores (_) and spaces are not permitted in domains.
  • Domain names cannot begin or end in a hyphen or contain double hyphens.

Additional Information

  • Domain Registration Fee Schedule

    Domain name registration or renewal is non-refundable in any circumstances.
  • Renewal Fee

    • HK Domain - renewal fee notice will be sent by Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited (HKDNR).
    • International and CN Domain - As the expiry/renewal date approaches, our company will sent one or more reminders email that they must pay the domain name renewal fee.
  • Charge Fee

    Waived this HKD$50 fee if purchase other services.
  • Required Document

    Domain name registrar may request more document as needed, registrar will have final decision on the acceptance of documentary proof and domain name application.Learn More...
    • .com.hk / .公司.hk - A copy of the Business Registration Certificate (BR) issued by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of Hong Kong, NOT registered as a Branch. (i.e. name of the organization shall be that of the head office, not branch office.)
    • .org.hk / .組織.hk - A copy of the tax exemption letter issued by Inland Revenue Department (IRD) that shows your organization is a charity or non-profit making organization.
    • .edu.hk / .教育.hk - A copy of the Certificate of a School issed by Education and Manpower Bureau of Hong Kong.
    • .net.hk / .網絡.hk - A copy of the PNETS (IVANS / ISP) license issued by the Office of the Telecommunications Authority of the Hong Kong Government.
    • .idv.hk / .個人.hk - A copy of HKID card or other document proofing that you are a resident of Hong Kong. (For the registration of .個人.hk, the domain name you selected shall be your legal name)
    • .cn - You must meet the .CN CNNIC to register a name in the .CN TLD.Learn More...
    • .us - You must meet the .US Nexus requirements to register a name in the .US TLD.Learn More...

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